A Song A Day: Guest Rooms – ‘Holy Saturday’

‘Holy Saturday’ is the final track of Guest Rooms’ 6-track EP and it’s stunning. The track is love, it’s loss, it’s life… all wrapped up in warm melodic textures.
I asked for a description of the track and Guest Rooms replied:
The morning after lying in my bed I called my mother she listened as I wept
Will I ever be the same again? could I ever be the same?
Of all our failures and all our many pains losing a lover wastes us the most away
The morning after lying in a tomb I rolled myself over and took a step apart from you
I will always love you
But a more literal translation of the song reveals more:
Religious imagery compares the narrator to the entombed Jesus. ‘Holy Saturday’ is the most hopeless day in the liturgical calendar — a day in Christianity observed as the death of the divine. The narrator recounts the “morning after” a loss where depression is strong enough to paralyze the narrator in bed.