BBC The Social: A Wee Guide Super Pets

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind – what a busy time. In all the chaos I forgot to post about one of my favourite videos for BBC The Social – A Wee Guide To Super Pets (this video contains an actual flying monkey!).

My Wee Guides aim to condense everything you need to know about certain films, TV shows and different aspects of pop culture. Wee Guides airing on BBC The Social soon – American Gods and Scottish Superheroes. You can also check out my Wee Guide To Logan here and my series The Science Behind The Fiction – AliensParallel Universes and Transporters.

BBC The Social is a platform from BBC Scotland that posts content daily from a range of contributors. Since their launch in 2015, The Social has generated over 30 million video views with an average of over 2 million unique users a week.

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