A Song A Day: Quarry Bay – ‘Lost Something’


Mental health issues are a bit of a topic du jour at the moment and it’s great that people are coming out and talking about them. I feel that it’s always been a bit of a stigma, to talk about depression or anxiety, but perhaps that is just how I was brought up. Thankfully we life in a slightly kinder society and as people come out of the woodward, awareness of these issues becomes common place.

This brings me to Quarry Bay who have just released the track ‘Lost Something’, about depression and loss summed up below:

This is a soundtrack to accompany my feelings of grief during recent bouts of depression and other forms of debilitating madness. This is a song about loss, but not of anything material – it’s about the loss of autonomy, the loss of vibrance, and the loss of self. It’s about losing something intangible, yet vital.

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