A Song A Day: Pray For Sound – ‘I Have Seen Hell And It’s White’


Surprisingly, I don’t often get sent heavier music and when I do it’s awful classic rock, dated metal or bands who’ve grown up listening to Paramore (no offence, but that’s just not quite my bag I’m afraid). Pray For Sound are different.

The band combine heavier sounds, layers of melody and intersperse quieter moments, giving their track ‘I Have Seen Hell And It’s White’ a little more depth.

“The main theme of Everything Is Beautiful is the dichotomy between light and dark, and “I Have Seen Hell And It’s White” became a very dark, very aggressive core for the album. The song is full of moments that constantly contrast dynamically, and drag out longer than expected, only to be abruptly cut short. We felt like trying to write a song that took the listener on an unexpected journey through contrasting themes. The arrangement was worked out in a live practice, and we tried to capture the excitement we felt writing it, both in the overall structure of the song and the finished recording.”Nick Stewart (Guitar)

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