A Song A Day: Megan Landry – ‘Questions’


Megan Landry is a young songwriter facing the world with fear and wonder.

‘Questions’ is a simple alt pop tune that reveals the inner workings of Megan’s brain, as she explains:

“I feel the world is more messed up now than ever. My perspective at 20 is one of fear – all the money in the world to glutton over won’t stop the trajectory we’re on. We don’t need a lot. ‘Questions’ is about that fate, a ‘cliffhanger’, and, I don’t think we have the answers.”

‘Questions’ features on Megan’s second album, her debut was called STILLS. With her second album, Megan hopes to shed light and raise awareness about the issues that effect us all globally. Landry makes refreshing, thoughtful quirk pop with a message – listen up and take heed!

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