A Song A Day: Magnetic Ghost – ‘Landfill’


I like that I’m getting sent more tracks these days with that delve deep into society’s psyche and the mad world we’re living in. As the world descends into chaos, we must rely on creativity to shed some light on the situation and help us reflect.

Magnetic Ghost‘s ‘Landfill’ is a look into the state of the USA at the moment.

“We’re in some bizarre reverberating mirror-world of the last three decades, the optimism and opulence of the 80’s (always thinly veiling the fear and paranoia) now flipped on its head, Trump the inverse of Reagan, the Clinton’s still roosting from the 90’s, the terror of the early oughts – all wrapped into the data cloud that is now.  The public that needs to remember to forget, the need for easy credit / retail therapy, painkillers, the omnipresent social connection and the need for it, the glowing phone screen in the concert hall as a lens we can’t look away from – “stick another quarter in the machine”.”

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