A Song A Day: The Sea Awake – ‘Legacy’


The Sea Awake hail from NY and their track ‘Legacy’ is a beautiful, dreamy soundscape that combines layers of melodies, simple lyrics and pure soul.

The band describe the track:

It’s a sleepy daydream about what you’ll leave behind after you’re gone, about what you hope to accomplish in a lifetime and how you want to be remembered by those who matter the most to you.  It’s about those occasional moments of profound clarity when you realize that all you can really hope for is to leave the tiniest imprint of love and light upon the world.  It’s a reflection on what actually matters at the end of the day: not the size of your 401(k) or the number of cars you can fit in your garage, but the people whose lives you touch, the love that you share and the smallest interactions that provide the greatest opportunity to shine that light that we all carry within ourselves.

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