A Song A Day: Timecop1983 – ‘Lovers (feat. Seatwave)’

Timecopy1983 - Lovers Part 1

Yesterday’s post about Mental Minority got me in the mood for some Timecop1983. I’ve been a fan for a while and I’m happy to see there’s some new music out again too – ‘Lovers (feat. Seatwave)’ features on the recently released EP Lovers Part 1.

I mentioned Stranger Things as well yesterday, which is the Netflix TV shows du jour, harking back to all our favourite childhood memories in sound and vision and hopefully inspiring a younger generation to check out the references as well. Well, if you’re into Stranger Things, get some Timecop1983 in yer ears now!

For me Timecop1983 is the absolute leader in the synthwave genre right now and I’m very happy to hear the new EP!

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