A Song A Day: Lully – ‘Slow D’s’

Lully square crop

Whenever a schedule an A Song A Day post, I always ask the artist for information on the track.

When I asked Lully for more information on ‘Slow D’s’, I was sent this poem. Instead of describing the track, I’ll leave you with this. Click play and read, I think this is the only way to understand Lully.

Lully – A Biographical Poem

Lully, née Lulli,
Once sung for great Louis
The Sun King who outlived his sons

Lully, née Lulli,
A glut for sodomy
Fell out with the curly patron

To gain back his favour
He gave him a flavour
Of royal liturgical fun

Upon the ‘te deum’
The retinaculum
Was struck with the maestro’s baton

The song was so young
Sung only verse one
When Versailles uncomfterbly dumb’d

The gangrene untreated
Spread north through his meated
And life thereby quickly undone

Lully, dont fuss
Climb down parnassus
Come, visit this century, come

It’s anthroposceney
And Kanye Regimey
I’m sure you could light it up some

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