A Song A Day: The Medicine Hat, Jailbox & Deep Dark Blue

Today’s A Song A Day feature comprises of three bands. Yes, you get three for the price of one! Mainly because I’ve not had time these last three days to post one a day but it does mean you get more just before the weekend. Win! 

The Medicine Hat – ‘New Survival’


I literally know nothing about The Medicine Hat – I was just listening to new music on Soundcloud one day and this happened to be running in the background and I really liked the vibe. I like it when that happens – a happy accident!

Jailbox – ‘Idea Jar’


Some of my favourite bands hail from St. Louis, MO and Jailbox are very worthy of a that list. ‘Idea Jar’ is absolutely stunning and these guys have a lot of promise!

Jailbox on Facebook!

Deep Dark Blue – ‘Atoms’


LA’s Deep Dark Blue are masters of modern ambient soundscapes. ‘Atoms’ is simply marvellous and I want to hear more!

Deep Dark Blue on Facebook!

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