A Song A Day: Melancholy – ‘Surely You Will Not Die’


Melancholy is Justin Loudermilk and his wife. They’ve been writing songs together since 2007 and describe themselves as ‘grown-up children’, trying to find meaning amongst the chaos of work, kids and life in general and I can definitely relate to some of those ‘grown-up’ problems for sure!

Surely You Will Not Die is about “the existential struggle of Western millennials to find meaning in an age of irony and unprecedented abundance,” explains Loudermilk. Again, a recurring theme to many of the smaller artists sending me music is a comment on where we’re going as a society. Art reflects life, life reflects art.

I instantly picked up on and early Cure and Joy Division vibe to the sound on this track and loved it. The song itself is taken from the duo’s forthcoming album Tunnel Vision, which is out April 29th.

Melancholy’s official site is HERE!

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