Laughing In The Purple Rain: RIP Prince


The last ‘RIP post’ I blogged was back in January around David Bowie‘s passing and, barely 3-months later, I’m writing another about Prince – I’m absolutely gutted.

There have been many tributes online focussing on Prince’s life, his music and his legacy but, much like my Bowie tribute, I wanted to focus on a more personal perspective. 

My earliest Prince memory, being the age I am now, is probably around the time he released Purple Rain. I remember hearing various tracks and albums played in my house throughout my youth around this time and throughout my early years. As a youngster, his music was fun and catchy – it was perfect ‘pop’.

As an adult though, we begin to appreciate the music from our youth with more depth. Prince was a maverick, a true artiste in every sense of the word and, more than ever, it’s this that I appreciate most about Prince.

We live in fearful times, in an age where we’re bombarded by words of hate, images of darkness and despair and mediocrity is fed to us by the media and various corporations daily and when a star as bright as Prince leaves us, the world becomes a little gloomier.

However, what I’ve taken from his prolific work and his passing is a little bit of inspiration. Creative people should inspire us to create, to be better and to reach new personal heights. I know it’s easier said than done but the only limitations we place on ourselves are our own, no one else’s. Artists like Prince seem to live their creative lives without limitations and the rest of us watch in awe. It’s incredible.

For those who don’t consider themselves ‘creative’, the message should still ring true… do something you love, it doesn’t matter what that is but love it and be good to one another and appreciate culture (art, music, literature). At our best, human beings are superb creatures capable of spectacular things.

It’s sad that we’ve lost so many brilliant, talented, inspirational people this year but let’s honour them all by keeping their memory alive and by sharing their message far and wide. Life is finite, let’s get through it in the most awesome way we can.

Having said this, I think it’s apt that I leave you now with some words from the late great purple one himself. We’re in it together, let’s enjoy the ride.

Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today, to get through this thing called life…

Prince (‘Let’s Go Crazy’)