A Song A Day: Drench Fries – ‘Snow In April: The Sad Tale of a California Boy In a Massachuttes World’

Drench Fries

Drench Fries is a solo project headed by 18-year-old Levi having moved from his home in sunny San Diego, California, to Waltham, Massachusetts.

I always ask bands to send me a short description of themselves and the track I’ll be writing about and I really felt for Levi when he emailed me back. His story is one I could definitely identify with and I’m sure many of us have been in same position.

Levi made the move to spread his wings after graduating recently from high school and has never been so far away from home. Back in San Diego he was a member of a few bands – Lobster Party and Tight Pants – but now he’s a stranger in a strange city and he’s had to start all over again. “The song is about missing home, being lonely, and being cold,” he explains.

Levi writes songs for Drench Fries in isolation, in his dorm room and the sound he’s putting out is extremely promising, I was instantly impressed by this.

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