A Song A Day: No Why – ‘Disconnect. Decode’

Shell Game & Disconnect Decode

Cleveland three-piece No Why‘s track ‘Disconnect. Decode’ looks at our hollow modern lives. It’s a recurring theme that I find many artists now writing about. As much as I love living in a world that’s switched on and connected, we’re more disconnected than ever.

Disconnect. Decode is about the sense of disillusion that comes with only seeing the “sunny side” of people’s lives through the lens of their digital lives,” say the band. It’s a heartfelt sentiment because as technology evolves and we’re able to reach out with more ease than ever before, there’s still a yearning for personal one-on-one interaction. We are more than our avatars!

The track itself has elements of American Football and a tinge of melancholic shoegaze about the melody that kept me gripped.

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