A Song A Day: Buddha Trixie – ‘Real’

Buddha Trixie

Buddha Trixie were formed by childhood friends Andrew Harris and Dennis Moon. They bonded over a love of 70s rock including Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin eventually adding members Daniel Cole and Kenzo Mann to the mix.

It’s a little raw (especially the vocals) but it has that youthful, näive feel of a band still in their infancy, melodically reaching out for new territory, finding themselves amongst the noise. The 70s influence is definitely present though, especially in the opening riff and last minute of the track – this last minute is where the band really shine.

It’s not a perfect track by any means but I think these guys have something special and I’m quite intrigued as to what they plan to do next, which is why this caught my attention for A Song A Day.

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