Comic: The Doorman

Final Doorman Cover

I received a random email the other day from The Doorman creator Eliot Rahal. I don’t usually open these kinds of emails but I’m glad I did – I’ve just discovered a new favourite comic!

The Doorman is a witty, intergalactic, portal-hopping space adventure that’s colourful, fun and packed with action. Rahal (Payback and Hunter Quaid on Dark Horse) is the co-writer along with Daniel Kibblesmith (also a writer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and the vivid artwork comes from Kendall Goode.

In The Doorman, every planet has a door that acts as a portal to other worlds. These doors can only be operated by a Doorman – these guys were the first intergalactic gatekeepers of their kind but as transport has evolved, with other ways to travel between worlds, the job of a Doorman isn’t quite as coveted as it used to be.

Issue one of The Doorman is out now via Heavy Metal. Go check it out!

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