A (Christmas) Song A Day: Mogwai – ‘Christmas Steps’


Right, I’m cheating a bit ‘cos I know this isn’t really a traditional ‘Christmas song’ but, what the hell, it’s a great track and has ‘Christmas’ in the title so like it or lump it, it has been included!

Mogwai‘s ‘Christmas Steps’ was named after a road in Bristol and appeared on their 1998 album Come On Die Young. I remember being in the last few years of school when this came out and was on a massive Slint kick so I kind of avoided Mogwai because I was trying to be a purist teenage wanker – ‘it’s not post-rock like Slint is post-rock’. What a dick!

Anyways, Mogwai are a great band and, whilst I can’t say I’m their hugest fan, they’re a seminal Scottish act and hugely important to the scene with some absolutely cracking tunes.

Mogwai‘s Come On Die Young is available to buy via iTunes now.