A Song A Day: Two Inch Astronaut – ‘Good Behavior’

Two Inch Astronaut

As soon as I heard this track, DC’s Two Inch Astronaut immediately reminded me of emo and post hardcore bands akin to Jawbox and after reading that Jawbox’s J. Robbins produced their forthcoming album Personal Life, it all made sense.

On my new music travels, I’ve encountered lots of indie shoe gaze and trip-pop and whilst that’s just fine by me, it’s great to hear a new band produce a sound my ears grew up with listening. Bands like Jawbox, Burning Airlines and Lungfish were part of my ‘musical awakening’ in my early teenage years so it’s great to hear this sound make a slight return.

Two Inch Astronaut’s album Personal Life is out on February 5th 2016 via Exploding In Sound.