A Song A Day: Annie – ‘Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)’


After listening to lots of Timecop1983 in the last few days, I’m on a bit of an 80s kick. I’m also enjoying Mitch Murder but I’ll stick with today’s Song of the Day first…

After watching The Guest on Netflix recently, I was pretty blown away by the soundtrack. There seems to be a new wave of young directors dipping into a little cinematic nostalgia. Music in film is hugely important and more often than not it’s completely overlooked.

Norwegian artist Annie‘s ‘Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)’ was released a while back now and The Guest was out last year so I’m a little late to the party but listen to this will now always remind me of the film’s sparkling, if not, blood drenched climax.

Annie‘s Anthonio EP is out now!