A Song of the Day: Kississippi – ‘Indigo’


As daft as it sounds, I was drawn to listen to Kississippi, purely because I loved the name of the band. This is how I found out about bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars and The Dismemberment Plan back in the day so my love of a good band name has never steered me wrong.

Kississippi are from Philadelphia and they make beautiful, moody indie rock. I’ve been waiting for their (cheerily titled) We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed EP to come out for around a month now and I feel this creeping to the top of my Records of 2015 list already.

‘Indigo’ is one of the stand out tracks from the EP but I highly recommend you listen to all six tracks. The EP takes you on a journey and you’ll feel cleansed on the other side.

We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed is out now and available via Soft Speak Sound’s Bandcamp.