A Song A Day: Half Moon Run – ‘Turn Your Love’


I found Half Moon Run via Indica Records. I’ve been loving Beat Cops who are also on the label so I decided to dig a little and see what else the label had to offer.

‘Turn Your Love’ is one of those ‘epic’ indie tunes. I hate using the word ‘epic’ but it’s a different kind of ‘big’, Half Moon Run do big with skill and grace.

Throughout it’s as if the band are keeping a lid on the music, like it’s in some sort of massive musical jar and they’re just about keeping it in, teasing it out a bit at a time. The verses are tense and controlled but as they reach the chorus the band let it all out – it’s explosive.

I like the way the band end the track as well. They don’t go for the fist-in-the-air-grab-yer-lighters-and-have-a-wee-cry moment, they bring it back superbly, tightening that lid again, keeping it all inside.

Half Moon Run‘s album Sun Leads Me On is out now!