A Song A Day: We Are The City – ‘Kiss Me, Honey’

We Are The City - Kiss Me Honey

It’s difficult trying not to include stuff we’re work on at A Badge of Friendship because I love the bands on our roster (we wouldn’t be working with them otherwise). But hey, this is my blog so I’ll post whatever I damn well want!

We Are The City are from Vancouver and their creative output is absolutely stunning. Kiss Me, Honey is from their latest album Above Club out now via Sinnbus.

As the music loops and whirls round and round, Cayne MacKenzie’s vocals tie everything together in one neat, quirky little package that, for me, is slowly creeping to the top of my ‘Songs of the Year’. And I must point out the breakdown at around 2-minutes into the video below. Wow.

We Are The City’s Above Club is out now!