A Song A Day: United Fruit – ‘Nightmare, Recovery’

United Fruit Nightmare Recovery

A brilliant Glasgow band. United Fruit deserved to be spoken about as much as possible. This is the latest track from their EP of the same name – Nightmare, Recovery – out now.

The opening bars definitely remind me of where and how At The Drive-In split apart. You had The Mars Volta, an ear splitting prog induced assault on the senses and then you had Sparta. Sparta should’ve been a great alt rock band but they never quite hit it for me. United Fruit though… they’re ticking all the boxes that Sparta left vacant and adding that sweaty, thrilling swirl of rock that ATDI took with them.

This is music that makes you want to run a thousands miles at light speed, it makes you want to shout, scream, sing, dance, nod, sway and stomp. Nightmare, Recovery is exciting, youthful and addictive.

United Fruit‘s Nightmare Recovery EP is out now!