A Song A Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘Necessary Evil’

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Necessary Evil

Why hadn’t I found Unknown Mortal Orchestra sooner? Album Multi-Love is bloomin’ awesome and the video for Necessary Evil is terrifically trippy.

It’s the 70s. Evening on a hot New York summer night and we’re headed down to the local jazz club. As we descend into the club, the smoky haze obscuring the band from view, things slowly come into focus. Bodies swaying slowly as the music fills the air, the ‘cool kids’ clinging lazily to the bar, nodding to the relaxed beats. It’s something I’ll never experience. Something that I know nothing about but this track takes me there.

The video premiered on Adult Swim and it’s definitely worth a watch – a druggy take on the tune. I like seeing how directors mould the sound into their own vision.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s Multi Love is out now!