A Song A Day: NZCA LINES – ‘Persephone Dreams’


The news that NZCA LINES (aka Michael Lovett) is back with a new album – Infinite Summer – due in January made me very excited this week. I’ve been listening to single Persephone Dreams obsessively every single day since.

NZCA LINES is a bit of a leftfield choice for me but the debut album released back in 2012 was pretty much on my stereo at home, in the office, in my car, accompanying me on my runs and everywhere else. I couldn’t get enough.

Persephone Dreams is just over 6-minutes long and that’s not long enough. The video is a great example of an artist putting a little thought into their output. It tells a story. It’s dark. It’s like the snippet of a gritty, gloomy British sci-fi. I won’t give it away, just watch.

The track itself makes me want to climb into my spaceship and jettison far away in the bleak, cold night and beyond. I’m in love. This is superb.

NZCA LINES’ album Infinite Summer is out January 22nd 2016 via Memphis Industries.