Tracks of 2015


This year, A Badge of Friendship started a new music show on FUBAR Radio. It’s pretty much a dream come true to talk nonsense, speak to interesting guests and spin great tunes. It’s a chance to make a show that’s informative, fun and focusses on new music and when I say new I mean bands and artists that don’t normally get the airtime they deserve.

I was thinking about how many great bands we’ve discovered doing the show. Every week we scour the internet and read countless articles on various websites and blogs about new bands and siphon out the ones we love.

2015 for me, more than any other year for a long time now, has been one of the best years for new music. Our ears have been more open than ever to new sounds and trends so I thought I’d share some of my favourites tunes from our FUBAR Radio show. It was hard picking these out as I love them all… Enjoy!

Pat Jordache – ‘Steps’

Instead of seeing tweets recommending bands and never clicking on the actual links, I decided earlier this year to actually look into those recommendations if I liked the sound of them and I’m so glad I did with Pat Jordache. A few months later we got to see the live set at NXNE in Toronto and it was awesome.

Ava Luna – ‘Coat of Shellac’

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon these guys but they’re brilliant. Their album Infinite House was released earlier this year.

Woolworm – ‘Useless’

I was looking into record labels and happened upon Canadian label Debt Offensive. Woolworm had released a split record on DO but are now signed to Hockey Dad Records and released their EP Everything Seems Obvious in June. I was pretty obsessed with these guys over the summer.

Vallens – ‘Dark Tunnel’

We caught Vallens at NXNE in Toronto this year (yes, we’ve gone a bit Canada daft this year!) and when we got back we looked into the label – Hand Drawn Dracula. HDD has fast become one of our favourite record labels this year with bands like Beliefs and Chastity signed to the label…

Chastity – ‘Manning Hill’

So… onto the aforementioned Chastity. I was doing a little blog research and a tiny wee blog I came across had mentioned that Chastity were giving away a whole EP via their website. I thought ‘why not’ and downloaded a copy. Wow. These guys are my top picks for 2015 and it looks like some of the ‘cool’ indie press here in the UK are slowly cottoning on as well. ‘You’re Scary Now’ is a terrific track but this video for ‘Manning Hill’ is superb. Their latest EP Tape is out via Hand Drawn Dracula this week (Nov 13th).

Irontom – ‘Mind My Halo’

We started focussing on cities on FUBAR Radio – once a month we pick a city and choose the best tracks from new bands from a particular city. Inspired by our summer holiday to LA, we dedicated a show to the City of Angels. I wish I’d done more extensive research before actually going to Los Angeles though – we were just so stressed with work and tying things up before we left that we forgot to really look into the city properly beyond the usual tourist spots. At least we’re prepared for a future trip now. I found Irontom via LA Buzzbands and instantly fell in love.

Nav/Attack – ‘Default’

Another LA based band! Seriously, next time we’re going to go there way more prepared. Nav/Attack is Andrew Lynch, a musician and filmmaker. He creates cerebral electro that has a distinct filmic quality – Nav/Attack’s self-titled debut album is out now.

Buck – ‘Underneath The Glow Of My Skin’

I was journeying down the rabbit hole of music blog recommendations and I liked the sound of Buck, which I found on the blog Barry Gruff (I always think that’s such a funny name for a blog). Buck aka Eddie Jones makes brilliant retro tinged dystopian electro. I really love this track. Download it and crank it up – it deserves to be heard LOUD.

Rain – ‘Slur’

This is a recent finding for me but I absolutely love it. It combines the best of early 90s shoegaze with the jagged edges of late 90s post Britpop (think My Vitriol). Their debut EP Symphony Pains is out soon via Close To Home Records.

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