Goodbye 2013!

You're never to old for a Spider-Man cake!

You’re never too old for a Spider-Man cake!

I just had a quick look at the last post on this blog. March… MARCH!? Where has the time gone? I had all these great intentions of keeping up with drawing and writing in my spare time but I didn’t have much spare time this year at all. I don’t want to wish my life away but I’m glad we’re at the end of the year now and I’m really looking forward to 2014.

So in the spirit of ‘end of year’ type lists, I’ve made one of my own. It’s nice to round-up the year, take stock of what’s been achieved and create some new goals.

My best ‘moments’ of 2013 have to be these:

  • Running 5K for Cancer Research. Myself an Jess raised lots of money and I achieved something I never though I would. Yes, 5K is really not a long distance at all but if I’d told my 15-year-old self I could run for 30-minutes continuously without stopping, my younger teen self would’ve thrown her Irn Bru can at me and told me to bugger off!
  • Spain! We went to Valencia and Barcelona in May, it was wonderful. I was sick as a dog and had a raging fever on the first night but great food and sun really does wonders for the body. We cycled around, lapped up the rays and had a great time away.
  • I turned 30! One decade ends, another begins. This one is going to be way better than the last, I can feel it already. Of course, no miraculous ‘changes’ happened but I’m happier and more relaxed now that I was in my twenties. All my nearest and dearest were around me and my friend Emma made me a massive Spider-Man cake. A great night was had by all and I woke up the next day with the first hangover of 2013. I had tried to avoid awful hangovers this year but I guess it’s the only way to start your thirties eh?
  • We have an office! Hooray, we have our very own office now. Although having our own business is one of the most stressful things we’ve ever done we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. It’d given us the freedom to work with bands and labels we love and truly be ourselves. I’ve no idea how I worked for other people for so long, I’d never go back now. That fear spurs us on to try and make the business the best it can be. I predict a busy 2014!
  • Cycling is fun! We bought bikes after returning from Spain and I really don’t know how we coped without them. Paul and I cycled all over London, our longest ride being from SW London to SE London (Forest Hill). That Forest Hill trip almost killed me – my piddly legs still can’t manage the hills! I’m still using the bike in the winter and the feeling of freedom is immense, cycling in London in the summer is one of the best things about this city.
  • Alpha Papa premiere! Paul’s Uncle invited us to the Alpha Papa premiere in August. It was a really fun night, very warm too! The film was great of course, Paul’s parents came down and we met Chris Hoy who was a true gent. (see pic below and excuse the sweaty face!)
  • ‘The Wee One’. We used to have a cat called Snodgrass. She was very old and sadly passed away 4 and a half years ago. We hadn’t planned to get another pet as we’re commitment phobes (the thought of pets or children really does scare us) however in September we found a little stray and he hasn’t left us since. His name is Mac, he’s around 1 years old the vet has told us, possibly a Bengal mix, he’s massive, heavy and ginger! We’ve definitely fallen for him and I’m glad he’s part of the family now – what is it with us and ginger cats?!

I’m sure there’s lots more I’m missing out on here but my brain is foggy and I’ve got the ‘festive haze’. I’m ready to shut down now for another year.

Next year there’s lots to look forward to – a hen do in Spain, a wedding, we’ve plans to get creative with the business and expand and push our boundaries and we want to travel a little more too. Lots and lots to look forward to! Personally, I really want to run a 10k and do another 5k here and there on the run up to that, get boxing again and… drawing! I always want to draw but just don’t have the brain space in the evenings… Excuses, excuses I know!

Well, that’s me for another year, enjoy the pics below!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year y’all!

Claire x