Comic Cons and Resolutions

Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar

Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar

As always, I’ll start with some recommendations…

I say it every time, that I’m going to get back into the whole blogging thing but, well, life gets a little busy. So, I’ve not updated this since November and the real excuse is that I just enjoyed being lazy at Christmas way too much. I had the best intentions of updating my blog, getting back into drawing and writing lots of reviews but I decided to indulge my lazy side after a very busy year.

Work wise, it’s been a busy start and Geekrocker and blogging for Glasgow Podcart has taken somewhat of a back seat although I’m getting back into things once more. Socially, it’s been quiet. Winter means lots of meals indoors and only the occasional drink out here and there.

It still feels very much like anything can happen this year even though we’re about to enter month number three (eek – where has the time gone!). So instead of proper new year’s resolutions I’ve just decided to give myself some loose goals, nothing too serious.

  1. Get back into vintage clothes properly – I’m done with the high street. It’s boring and I hate the 90s revival. 90s fashion was rubbish then and it looks rubbish now.
  2. Start a comic and finish it. Yes, I’m serious this time. I will make my graphics tablet my bitch and conquer my fear of technology!
  3. Learn Spanish. I started this and I gave up. The day job just seems to take over my life (and I’m happy for it to do so as I do like my job) but if I can at least have a basic conversation in Spanish I’ll be happy.
  4. Keep writing consistently. I’ve enjoyed Geekrocking on and I intend to keep it up!

It’s dull yes but having little goals in life, even if they’re really small is important. As I mentioned, I enjoy my job (I’m lucky to work with so many great bands, music has always been a huge part of my life) but I’d go mental if that’s all I had. It’s our hobbies and interests that make us… us! I guess we can forget that sometimes when we’re in worker bee mode. Always remember to nurture your soul!

Right, enough of that hippy nonsense, I was recently at the London Super Comic Con and I had a lovely weekend there. It was really inspiring to see lots of brilliant upcoming and established artists and creators doing their thing. I loved watching some of my favourites sketching away. I also had some lovely conversations with some brilliant independent creators, which was heart warming and inspirational as well. Oh yes, and there was the whole Cosplay thing. I uploaded a quite a few images to my Instagram account but there are some below…

I covered the event for Geekrocker on, you can read the full Geekrocker blog post HERE.

Well, that’s that. As always, there’s lots coming up in the next few months but I won’t bore you with the details right now. Watch this space I guess or follow me on Twitter if you’re interested!

Cheers for reading and much love as always,

Wee C x