The Final Countdown

Me and Jess in Wales, November 2012

As usual, before I get going, I’d like to share some recommendations!

  • This month I’ve been reading… Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan
  • Addicted to… Deftones “Koi No Yokan”
  • TV… Homeland (season 2), Dexter (season 7), Masterchef: The Professionals, The Booth At The End

So, I reckon I’m going to try and make sure I post here at least once a month. I have these little bursts of activity on my blog and then get super busy. I’m hoping this Christmas, I can do lots of drawing again and perhaps even a webcomic or two.

Right, what’s been going on then? October seemed like a ridiculously busy time filled with lots of good news. So far, November is pretty much the same! We DJ-ed at the Q Awards for the third year in a row, decided on a wedding venue, have been to numerous gigs and comedy nights, went to Wales for the weekend and styled a photo shoot!

I’d never been on a weekend away with lots of ladies before – it was for my friend’s 30th. I’ve also never been to Wales. There was a lot of drinking so I didn’t actually see much of Wales! The weekend was fun though and I enjoyed the road trip there and back – driving along the motorway to Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” is bloody awesome.

Birthday cottage in Wales

Styling a shoot was lots of fun too – it was for one of our bands. They had an idea of their own style but we had to make it “edgy” and “London-y”. I would never wear the clothes we had to choose from but it was like living out some of my wildest outfit fantasies; leather leggings, spangly tops, sequin hot pants – there’s no way I’d ever attempt to wear these but they looked great in photos.

Shirock shoot, look numero uno

Shirock photo shoot, loved these leggings

I’m enjoying how crazy busy life can be but I do desperately need some sleep! I plan to do nothing but sleep my face in, eat cheese and play Xbox in December. As I reach this time of year I also look forward to what I’d like to achieve for next year. I think we pretty much hit all our targets work wise in 2012 and, personally, I feel I’ve also done the same. I’m not sure what my goals are for 2013 yet, I guess I’ve not figured them out yet but the main thing that’s going to dominate my year is planning the wedding. I’m also really enjoying doing the Geekrocker section on Artrocker Magazine‘s website and my weekly blog for Glasgow Podcart. I’m still a bit of an uncertain blogger but I’m getting better I reckon. I’m not into long blethering blogs analysing and nitpicking certain subjects to pieces but they’re more like little “brain shorts” – snippets of my mindset at that particular time. That, or quite tongue-in-cheek.

I guess all in all it’s been a pretty successful year all-round and also our busiest yet. I’m looking forward to next month’s blog post as I plan to take a look at all the lovely things I read, listened to and watched this year in-between mad busy times!

Here’s to the final hurdle – we’re almost there. Roll on December!

Good vibes,

Wee C x