Feeding the Masses

I’ve been researching popular women’s magazines that also cover music. We work with a lot of strong female fronted bands and solo artists who all deserve to be heard, not only by music fans, but by their fellow women.

As I started to surf popular magazine’s websites, I found that only a few covered music. The ones that did cover music and music videos had very limited space i.e. videos were squeezed onto their general blog section or there wouldn’t be much content there at all. Despite this, I applaud the ones who do though because women certainly have other interests that extend beyond hairstyles and Twilight.

Who doesn’t enjoy a dystopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure?

For the record, I’ve no problem with women’s magazines, I buy them each month. I like perusing the pages for the latest fashions and enjoy a bit of gossip too. However, I have other passions as well; I like reading comics, I like watching films and love new music. And no, not every lady in the land is interested in 50 Shades of Grey and Gossip Girl. I mean, if I enjoy reading about winter coats and make-up but also like Oldboy and Fallout, there are surely others reading these magazines that feel the same?

The short answer is yes… probably. However, it’s a case of what the masses want the masses get. Sadly, the readership of these magazines are women who really aren’t interested in the geekier side of life. The rest are a minority. The same goes for men’s magazines, who expect that all men like big tits, exercising and drinking. But I can’t help but think that maybe they’re feeding the masses’ desires when editors could make more of an effort trying to make small changes from within.

What if one of these ladies’ magazines tried some new content to test the water? A small column for women with alternative interests, for example. The same goes for the men’s mags. It wouldn’t hurt to have some alternative content run on the websites or in the magazines, it may be of great interest to many of their readers. And for the women out there who already like these things, well, it would give them more reasons to buy these magazines other than just wanting tips on looking pretty!

Some may argue that if women want to find out about alternative culture then they can easily search for magazines and websites that offer this to them. That’s very true but that’s not the point here. It would be brilliant to have these little aspects of what is largely considered alternative or “male” culture punctuate these influential brands’ pages. There’s the potential for new blood buying into the brand and for their existing readership to be enticed by something new.

I’m ever optimistic that small changes can and will be made going forward. However, We can’t expect things to change instantly; it’s up to women (and men!) who are into alternative culture to voice their desire to read something more interesting. Our fast-paced society keeps us dumbed down with regurgitated stories and images that don’t challenge or inspire people. For those publications who do offer this, well done, keep doing what you’re doing! For those who don’t – it’s time to make a change.