One Mental Month…

One of the shots from the Fabulous Magazine shot. Photographed by Amit Lennon.

Before I start, I’d like to share some recommendations, do check them out if you can!

  • This month I’ve been reading… Y: The Last Man (vol. 6), PhonogramThe Walking Dead (vol. 16)
  • I’ve had the joy of listening to… Fat GothFacing New York
  • TV… Homeland (season 2), Dexter (season 7), The Great British Bake-OffAstonishing X-Men (motion comic)
  • Recommended film of the month is… Looper

It’s been quite a month and I’ve not had much time to write something extensive on here, not like I used to. When I started this blog I used it more as a diary but now I just enjoy dumping my brain junk on here but I guess I should make an effort to “blog” in the classic sense.

So, what’s been going on? Well, the biggest thing that’s happened in the last 4-weeks has been my wee feature in Fabulous Magazine. I didn’t really tell anyone about it apart from family and close friends. I suffered from nightmares the week before it came out because I was so nervous about how it was going to read and look. The result was fine obviously and the comments were really lovely. I had emails and tweets from numerous lovely folk complimenting me on it and saying they’d felt similarly in school. In short, being young sucks and being an adult doesn’t suck so much, despite adulthood having its own set of problems. Feeling confident about the way you are, what you do in life, how you conduct yourself (having learned from numerous mistakes!) and having people around you that you actually like is pretty awesome. I can’t thank the Fabulous Magazine team enough – what a lovely bunch they are. The article is available to read online now, or there’s a PDF here.

Aside from that, work has been mental but good mental. I love and hate being this busy in equal measures. The best thing about running a business is we get to change direction and mould it the way we want, our days are structured how we wish and although it’s a challenge, it’s such a rush when it works. I can categorically say I love being a business owner and the thought of going back to work for anyone else is the biggest thing that keeps me moving forward. There are new projects and plans in the works for the business, I don’t want to jinx them by writing about them here but all will be revealed soon.

The ring!

Finally, I guess the biggest news is that I’m now engaged. I’ve been with Paul for ten years now and he proposed on my birthday last Friday. I feel so super excited and I cried like the big girl I am. It’s so weird but good weird; despite us being together for so long through thick and thin, good and bad, knowing we’ll always be together, the engagement has really “cemented” things in a way. Now the planning begins and I’ve already gone into super-mega-android-organiser mode. My favourite way to be – there’s nothing better than planning a party, especially one this special!

Well, that’s my “news” for now. Tomorrow, I’m off to an Aerosmith listening party, DJ-ing Q Magazine‘s awards aftershow on Monday with P and there are about a thousand and bloomin’ one bands playing town in the next two weeks we need to go and see.

For now, peace out!

Wee C x