the3six5 – “365 days, 365 points of view”

Last year I stumbled across the3six5 via Twitter. The project posts a blog a day with a picture or illustration by a different person for every day of the year, it’s “365 days, 365 points of view.”

After reading over some of the blog entries, I thought it was a fantastic idea so I applied to be one of the authors for 2012. I was given a day – 21st February 2012 – and a list of guidelines. At that point, February 2012 seemed like miles away but it crept up pretty quick. So last night I submitted my blog. I was a little nervous as I had no idea what I was going to write about because yesterday was like any other but I refused to write about the mundane like The Brits or Pancake Day so I just brain splurged, drew a quick comic and pressed send. I didn’t even know those thoughts were floating around in my head but they were. It’s surprising what comes out when you’re not even thinking properly. That doesn’t make sense I guess but it does to me!

You can read my blog post on the3six5 website and do read through some of the others, there’s some good stuff there!

Big love – Wee C x