Experimenting with action…


I usually draw quite static looking figures. I’m not really used to drawing people running, jumping or fighting. At school, all we learned was the basics and whilst drawing a vase or a piece of fruit perfectly was what was needed for an exam, I always yearned for a little more from our art lessons. If someone had told me, for example, that drawing comics could be considered an art form, I would’ve been all over that instead!

Well, it’s never too late to learn. I’ve always enjoyed drawing superheroes in my spare time, even as a youngster (thanks Jim Lee for the never-ending inspiration!). Now I’ve got this new graphics tablet I’ve been experimenting more with action poses. I’ve been drawing these straight onto the computer but last night I started drawing them onto paper first, which I find way easier, scanning them in then tracing and colouring them in with the graphics tablet. All sorts of geeky fun!

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