A Wee Guide to… Shower “Types”

I’ve never really thought about the different shower”types”. Y’know, how different folk take a shower. I have a specific regime and usually get in and out within 15-minutes. My boyfriend likes to stand and “think” and others are cheery singers.

This blog post was inspired by a conversation I had with some friends the other night and it seems I’m not alone in my strange showering behaviour. Read on…

The Thinker

Thinkers do just that. Think. They stand in the shower, wash and think. Sometimes they prolong the washing in favour of more thinking time but generally it’s a time to organise their thoughts.

“The Thinker”

The Singer

Everyone has either come across or become a shower Singer. Sometimes you sing your favourite tune, other times it could just be jibberish. Whatever the reason, it just feels good.

“The Singer”

The Sleeper

I wasn’t aware this was common shower behaviour until I had that aforementioned conversation. Sleepers like to lie in an empty bath with the shower on. Sleepers are sometimes also known as “Sitters” who do the same thing but, yes, you guessed, it… they sit! The feeling of the shower hitting your face from afar (and hence not as hot), feels really cleansing. Kind of like being caught in a warm rain shower… marvelous!

“The Sleeper”

The Leaner

Leaners are a an amalgamation of Sleepers and Thinkers. They lean and let the water flow over them, do a little thinking time and are addicted to the feeling of their thoughts being cleansed and washed away by the water. Bliss!

“The Leaner”


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