Wee News: Webcomics, recommended reading & good vibes!

It’s been a busy old week on here! I took a big long break from sketching and creating webcomics for a while but now the summer is almost over (well, judging by the weather it never really got here!), my brain has kick started back into action. I thought I’d write a wee news update before the weekend about what’s been going on round these parts. Good vibes all round.

Wee Webcomics: Coming to a website near you!

From Socially Inept no. 5

I hadn’t really advertised it much on here but Socially Inept was picked up by The 405 and they’ve been posting them up online. There was a break but Socially Inept is back and 5 and 6 have just gone up today.

Artrocker Magazine are going to post my new webcomic Dipster up on their website. Dipster is a three panel comic taking a look at the life and times of Dispter, an East London dwelling hipster. From Monday, Dipster will appear on Artrocker.tv and will hopefully be a weekly or fortnightly affair, depending on how much time I have.

French website Beyond Comic Books have been publishing The Cyclopes. I’m also going to start writing for them soon (when I have a spare moment). It’ll be nice to have a place to talk about comics and geeky stuff aside from here…

And finally, I’m planning a brand new webcomic for the lovely folks over at Glasgow PodcART. I’ve no idea what it’ll be about yet but I’m quite up for the challenge of creating something brand new for their website.

Recommended Reading

I’ve started reading more again. I’m not sure why. I find it hard to concentrate sometimes (very short attention span!) but I just can’t get enough of superheroes!

My recommended reading is below:

Supergods: Our Age in the World of the Superhero by Grant Morrison

Justice League #1

All Star Batman & Robin Vol 1 by Frank Miller / Jim Lee

And the X-Men: Legacy series

So that’s my news for now. There’s also lots of work related stuff going on but you can read about that on the official A Badge of Friendship website.

Have a good one folks!

Wee C x