The long and winding road…

This weekend, we watched our friends headline their first festival. It was the main stage at Sonisphere. Before the day had even begun, I was thinking about the first time I’d seen them. It was ten years ago at Nice N Sleazy‘s in Glasgow. I also met my bearded one around this time. We were all much younger, starting our lives and excited about the future. Now the future is here and after watching our friends headline Sonisphere, it got me thinking about how far we’ve all come.

Our journeys have all been very different but interesting nonetheless. Some journeys have taken us all over the world, others have taught us valuable lessons and for some, the journey has lead to children, family and new roots. I think back to how I felt ten years ago and it feels like a very different place… I was a very different person. I had no idea what I wanted, I was living in Germany for the summer and discovering what it was like to live alone, making mistakes, making new friends and new adventures too. I came back that summer, met my bearded one, we became friends, then became  more, fell in love and the real road began. It’s been a wonderful road too, full of great memories and life lessons. I never thought we’d own a business and be in the place we are now all that time ago. I never imagined we’d watch our friends headline a festival one day. I never pictured some of us getting married and having children. And I didn’t envisage us all being “adults”. It feels good though. It really is a wonderful feeling. Although there are daily stresses with work and things, there’s a feeling of inner peace knowing who you are, where you’re going and where you’ve been.

A very happy memory - we are very young here! This is in second flat in London. Listening to music, singing away... Take by our good friend Ross Ferguson.

I’m very much looking forward to the future and it makes me smile. It feels like a new chapter is beginning again somehow. Although we’re all getting a little older, there are so many wonderful new memories to make and fantastic adventures to be had. It’s been a “long and winding road” but right now we’re all here, we’re all healthy and we’re definitely happy, ready to start that new chapter with optimism and enthusiasm!

Have a good week everyone!