Twinterview: Jan a.k.a @astrogrrl

Continuing with the astrology theme this week, I’m happy to feature Jan a.k.a Astrogrrl as this week’s Twinterview. I’m a big fan of astrology and I stumbled upon Jan’s website at the end of last year. I really liked the way it was written, it was easy to understand and simple, which is what I think is missing from a lot of astrology websites.

I started following Jan on Twitter shortly after and that’s where I get all my monthly astro news and planetary movement updates!

I’ll let Jan say a few words about herself here:

Jan a.k.a @astrogrrl

Hi ya! I’m known in Twitterville as @astrogrrl. I’ve been studying astrology, on and off, for over a decade. Friends and acquaintances who find out I’m ‘into’ astrology are usually surprised. I often hear, ‘I would never have guessed…’ Even clients I’ve met in person for the first time have told me that [my appearance] is not who/what they expected. I guess there’s still a stereotype of some sort about astrology and mysticism, in general. But I’m your average person (practical, even) who happens to occasionally consult the sky to gain some insight/guidance.

I never tire or stop being surprised by how astrology can sync-up with what’s going on in my personal life. It’s even more amazing when clients’ confirm that their experiences align with how current planetary movements are stimulating their birth charts. Still kind of weird to me at times, but definitely very cool. I continue to attend astro-workshops, read books or listen to lectures given by more seasoned astrologers. I’ll most likely be a lifelong student of astrology. Just as well, since learning helps hone my craft…

All questions are answered in 140 characters…

1. Introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jan. 9-to-5er by day. Astrologer extraordinaire by night & most weekends :) I live, breathe, tweet, blog & sometimes dream astrology.

2. When did you join Twitter and why?

April 2009. Mostly to promote my then brand new astrology blog and services as an astrologer.

3. Was the world a better place before the Twitterverse?

Although there are the occasional unsavory twits, I have met some wonderful tweeps. Twitter, for me, has made my world a better place :)

4. How has Twitter helped promote what you do?

Since joining, I’ve met clients/colleagues from parts of the globe I might not have crossed paths otherwise.

5. Twitter pros?

I am the only one of my friends/family who’s ‘into’ astrology and the esoteric. In Twitter, I’ve found new friends with similar interests.

6. Twitter cons?

The aforementioned unsavory peeps.

7. What’s the strangest tweet you ever received?

Surprisingly, no strange tweets or maybe my ‘strange’ barometer is set pretty high.

8. Have you made friends with folk you’ve met on Twitter


9. How would you convert people to astrology in 140 characters.

I wouldn’t attempt to convert anyone into anything, astrology included. Interest must come from the person. I’d help interested peeps though

10. Finally, who do you recommend we follow?

@starcana tarot+astrology; @thetarotlady tarot; @paullebars reiki; @chrisdelorey numerology; @rosegardenfae tarot, gardening, knitting

Jan was also kind enough to write a little 140 character guide to each sign of the zodiac. You can check it out HERE.

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