140 Character Star Signs!

As many of my friends know, I’m very much into Astrology. I follow Jan a.k.a @astroGrrl on Twitter, I found her via her website. I enjoy her tweets and the astro updates so I asked her to feature in my weekly Twinterview feature. I will post Jan’s Twinterview tomorrow but for now, check out this little Astro tweet special that Jan was kind enough to write-up for me – it’s all the signs explained in 140 characters. Enjoy!

So, what if I like to start things but bore too easily that I often lack the patience to finish them. If you’re gonna hang w/me, keep up!
I may be slow to move at times but it’s only because I gots to be sure. Once I get goin’, best get out the way, especially if I’m mall bound
I love, love, love learning. It’s probably why I get a bit chatty & jump from topic to topic. I need to dabble in a bit of everything.
Just like a crab, direct is not always how I get to where I’m headed or how I express what I want. I’m soft beneath the shell tho. Be gentle
The path to my heart is a LOT of attention. Praise me. Adore me. Let me shine. In return, I’ll shower you w/generosity & lotsa fun times.
I’m not picky. I just know what I want, when I want it & how I want it. & I may overanalyze…go around in circles in my mind. What of it?!
Expert people-pleaser & proud of it. Balance & harmony are my thing. Social charm is my superpower. Indecisiveness, my Achilles’ heel.
Human lie detector. Don’t even think about putting one over me. Master manipulator. Downside, trust issues. Deeply feeling & forever feeling
Open mouth, insert both feet. Life is about the journey, not simply the destination. Good, bad, embarrassing…experiences result in growth.
Where is that whip? Somebody’s gotta make sure things are running as planned. Success is my goal. Working hard=rewards. It’s how I roll.
Don’t tell me to get off my soapbox. I think outside the box so, my ideas may not always be welcomed. Out w/the old, in w/the new, I say!
I can’t help but be a rug. I have bleeding heart syndrome. Champion to the underdog. Yep, that’s me. I believe in making a difference.

3 responses to “140 Character Star Signs!

    • I’m Libra, Cap moon, Sag rising. Glad it made you laugh though and thanks for reading! x :)

  1. I’m cap sun,moon,and libra rising. The descriptions are very much like me so I can definitely relate.

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