2010: A wee year in pictures…

I’ve decided to post something every day (or every other day!) on this blog in relation to the busy old year that was 2010. I was looking back at some photos on Facebook and reminiscing on what a lovely year it’s been in terms of work and friends. I’ve learned a lot and changed a lot as a person and, most importantly, I’ve had a lot of laughter and fun.

So instead of making this a wordy blog, I’ll just put some pictures up and a little month by month summary. I doubt I’m going to remember how I felt each month of the year so I suppose a little paragraph summary will do. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this blog, I can’t wait for 2011 now…

January 2010

Predictably (and something which will probably happen in Jan 2011), I was mostly a hermit in January; we stayed in and watched a lot of TV! I had just gotten my iPhone so was playing around with an app I’d downloaded. The arty app definitely started to get me thinking about drawing again for real but it wouldn’t be until later in the year that I bothered with art again.

February 2010

Ah yes… Valentine’s Day. We don’t really celebrate but Paul bought me the best card ever (see below). We also filmed the very first episode of ABoF TV at The Lexington – These Monsters‘ album launch. Great show! It was from this moment onwards I really started to feel that the year would be hard working but really exciting…

Valentine's Day card...

These Monsters album launch at The Lexington

March 2010

It was apparent that food, friends and enjoyment would also play a big part in 2010. Looking back at pictures, I was mostly eating out with friends every other week! We also DJ-ed the Empire Awards aftershow party in March, that was lots of fun.

Pub grub with Ex Libras.

Dinner before a boozy night out with Jess.

April 2010

My memory of April was seeing lots of friends and lots of animals too! A lovely day out in Hampstead with my good friend Chrissie was a lovely memory. Lots of ducks, swans, baby animals and mud! My boots have never been the same since…

Big feet!

May 2010

In May, everything changed. It was like everything I knew about myself was slowly changing and I was finally becoming the person I’d always wanted to be. My trip to Malaysia with my Dad was a real turning point for myself spiritually and also for the relationship between myself and my Dad. I learned a lot about my family, my roots and had some great conversations with a man I’d never really considered as someone I could even remotely relate to before. The journey was brilliant and it marked the start of a journey that I’m still traveling on now – life!

Traveling into a cloud over the jungle.

June 2010

A drunken night in Hampstead, birthday BBQs, more lunches with Jess (!) and friends, friends, friends! After Malaysia, I felt really relaxed and ready to simply enjoy my summer with the wonderful folk around me. I was getting to know new friends, reacquainting myself with old friends and just having a brilliant time.

Me scoffing a big tuna baguette at the Northcote Road Carnival

Two beards. One love. (...a drunken night in Hampstead)

July 2010

I remember we did a lot of walking in June and July. I really enjoyed walking around the city and seeing as much as possible. One walk we attempted was our house (Earlsfield) to Brixton. In July, we tried our place to Battersea Park then to Chelsea and back again. Yes, lots of walking and a big boozy party in Hampstead. I guess, looking back, we had quite a few boozy nights up in north London!

A day out at Battersea Park Children's Zoo!

Drunken fools - more partying in Hampstead!

August 2010

August is always one of our favourite months because of two things – Paul’s birthday (and a whole host of other folks bdays too!) and Reading Festival. Yes, every other year our friends play Reading and we love going down to watch them. After the show we all watched Guns N Roses by the side of the stage and toasted to a brilliant day out. This year we also managed to get to Thorpe Park for Paul’s birthday. It was so much fun, and no I still don’t regret going on the Saw ride!

Saw Horror Maze (l-r): Chris. Jess, Steve, Chrissie, Me, Paul and Ross Mc

Guns N Roses at Reading 2010

September 2010

No year seems complete these days without either a few marriages or a few babies! All our friends are either getting hitched or becoming proper grown-ups – starting to build their own wee families. In September, our good friend Ross got married up in Scotland. It was a lovely day and we spent a few days in Edinburgh and returned home with a lot of lovely memories and a few funny stories having spent three nights in a B&B owned by the craziest landlady ever!

Fun in Edinburgh with Nanny B and Paulo (he's taking the picture obviously!)

Ross and Gemma: hitched!

October 2010

My birthday month! What better way to spend it bowling with friends and going to a lovely restaurant with Paul! We also DJ-ed the Q Awards… it was a fun 2 and a half hour stint (!) with Mark Ronson and the Chemical Brothers DJ-ing just after. I was drunk on free cocktails by 7pm as it was an early shift for us! A great night though and it marked the beginning of the end of a busy old year as we approached November and December…

Birthday dinner at Salt Yard. - Wild Salmon, Quails Egg and can't remember what the sorbet was but it was GOOD!

November 2010

A nice wee bookend to the year was the Geek of the Year awards. We helped event manage the awards – an evening of comedy, music and fun. This was really our last evening properly out – good vibes and smiling faces, just the way we like it.

Geek of the Year - Carl Donnelly performing

Geek of the Year - Mollybakes did a fine job of the cupcakes!

December 2010

Well, we’re not quite through with the year yet but it’s been a very quiet month. As soon as December hit, we made a concerted effort to do very little (i.e. not leave the house!). The most we’ve done really is a few meetings and seeing our friends play Wembley (which was weird and totally brilliant at the same time). We had never been to Wembley in all the eight years we’ve been here so I’m glad it was to see them rock it – we were so chuffed for them and had a brilliant evening out.

I’m not feeling very much in the Christmas spirit quite yet but with the tree finally up and the snow outside, I think I’ll get there slowly. Am looking forward to more evenings in and lots of yummy food!

Biffy Connelly / Billy Clyro

Wembley fun: colours, people, music!

Space Santa on Carnaby Street

Our Christmas tree 2010!

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