I seem to always start these blog posts with the same sentiment these days but… things have been pretty manic! I’ve not had time to think about blogging. I’m not really on any social networking sites much these days either. Despite the busy times, the overriding feeling is that I’m just really, really enjoying life in general. I’ve been socialising more, enjoying food, drink and merriment, time with Paul… it’s been a good summer so far. There’s no point in blethering on and on about personal things so here’s a little round-up of my summer highlights thus far.

Thorpe Park

We went to  Thorpe Park for Paul’s birthday a few weeks ago, followed by a lovely meal with a group of friends at our local. It was such a fun day and we all enjoyed being big kids for a few hours. I wasn’t brave enough to go on the Saw Ride but I did try the Saw Horror Maze.

Saw Horror Maze (l-r): Chris. Jess, Steve, Chrissie, Me, Paul and Ross Mc

I realised after a day at Thorpe that I was definitely a “swearer” and that Jess has no fear. I mean, no fear whatsoever. I can’t wait till we can all go back again.

A Summer of Food

I guess the main theme of the summer is FOOD! Any regular readers of this blog will know how much I love my food but this summer literally takes the biscuit (har har!). I’ve eaten and tonne of food and my gym time has been minimal. Must change that soon! Jess has been my main food buddy and Paul of course, doh! From foodie markets to tapas bars, I really went for it this summer.

Yummy cakes and Northcote Road Market

I always knew I enjoyed eating but the older I am, the more I realise how much food has become an obsession and not in a horrible gluttonis way. I love savouring new tastes. I had severe “food depression” after coming back from Barcelona last year and again from Malaysia this year but I was determined to eat well this summer nevertheless. After all, I’m lucky to live in one of the best cities in the world – bring it on!

Little Furry Friends

I loved my trip to the Battersea Park petting zoo last month. Animals are great (well, anything above gerbil size anyways!). I’ve seen a lot of monkeys this year and, however, this month we even had the chance to cat sit for my friend Chrissie.

Duke having a stretch on our couch

Duke came to stay for a few weeks and we really loved having him around. He was a very grump cat but he had lovely moments lying on my lap, purring by our sides and following me around the house. He’s gone back to his Mummy now and is now seemingly behaving himself. I guess our cat boot camp worked!


I hate drinking. Yes, I really do. Despite this though, I’ve done quite a lot of boozing this summer. I don’t know when to say no and neither does Paul, a dangerous combo methinks. I’ve only had a few hangovers though and, generally, we’ve had some funny drunken times. See the effects of alcohol below.

Two beards. One love.

Drunken fools!

Business as usual!

Now we’re approaching the end of the summer, I’ve got lots more work to look forward to! Not that there hasn’t been enough but the last half of the year is going to be quite hectic I think. I definitely want to save for a holiday away, can’t wait for Reading Festival, got a wedding in Scotland and will miss Jess when she leaves for Wales. So there are lots more adventures to come.

Right. Enough procrastination. Have fun all!

– Wee C x

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