Bubble World

Paul’s away this weekend which means some me time and catching-up with friends. It’s funny how couples get into little patterns and I only realise it when he’s not here. We live in our little tea drinking, TV watching, silly bubble world most of the time. It’s punctuated by gym visits, dinners with friends and work but now Paul’s not here I need to fill “bubble world” with other activities.

All is well in the land of the bubble!

I don’t very much like being on my own. Not because I can’t be on my own, it’s more of a boredom factor.  So with the weekend looming, I decided to catch up with my other coupled-up friends, who are quite happy in their own little bubble world most of the time. It’ll be nice to catch up with folk, I’ve randomly planned several activities for each day of the weekend and Monday evening as well!

Thinking about seeing some of my closest buds this weekend made me think a little about friends and groups of friends. The older I become, the more I realise that I’m not too much into big “tribes” of friends all doing and thinking the same thing. This is especially true for groups of girls. I think it’s the pressure of having to be there, having to listen to the same crap ad nauseam and having to feel obliged to do certain things as a group. Maybe it’s the same for men too but I can only describe my experiences via a female perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I love female company but am glad my friends – of both genders – don’t need all that nonsense either. We see each other randomly, don’t live in each others’ pockets and no one ever gets annoyed – friendships should be light and fun. That’s why I can’t wait for some good chat this weekend. Sure we’ll have a serious catch-up first but I’m glad our meet-ups will be free of bitching, gossiping and stressing – no pressure, nice and easy. Mostly, this weekend will be about fun, fun, fun!

As always, I’ve lots more to say about this but as usual… best to leave the rest inside my head for now!

Well, I’ve settled down here to watch Twilight New Moon as I’ll be reviewing it for Panic Dots. I’m only ten minutes in and I’ve had more than a few laugh out loud moments. I mean, seriously, are teenagers that dumb?

And on that note… enjoy the weekend everyone!

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